March 25, 2023
Why Should You Use SEO Galway?

Why Should You Use SEO Galway?

Cliqued Media is a leading eCommerce Ireland company based in Galway. They offer dedicated website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to help you achieve top search rankings, over your competitors. Their team of search engine optimisation experts have a strong history of experience and expertise in helping online businesses to achieve top search ranking positions on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

They offer a professional and comprehensive package of SEO web design and development from start to finish, to ensure that your website is optimised and meets all major search engine requirements.

SEO Galway

SEO Galway offers the leading eCommerce Ireland services, which are delivering a unique online presence and helping increase sales. These experts have developed and deployed an effective strategy to improve traffic and rankings. They take an individual approach to ensuring that each page on the site is optimised for local search engines. This helps increase visibility and conversions.

In addition to improving rankings and bringing in new customers, SEO Galway also specializes in helping clients improve the content on their site. This is achieved by developing original, useful content, using SEO-friendly keywords, and building brand awareness.

They develop web pages around keywords or keyword phrases, which they think customers will be searching for using a search engine. This helps increase traffic and rankings. They also work closely with the client to ensure that their website is optimised as much as possible for local search engines, and they provide ongoing support after the initial SEO has been completed.

Keyword Research

SEO Galway uses a custom software program to locate keyword combinations and phrases from the major search engines that are highly relevant to Galway and the location of the products or services you wish to offer.

They then strategically implement these keywords throughout the website. They make sure that the text is optimized around these keywords, using the most appropriate variations. Keywords can be researched from the Google Keyword Tool and are optimized with SEO Surfer. They also analyse the competition for each term and choose the ones that appear to be the most popular.

Why Should You Use SEO Galway?

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is not a one-off process. It is undertaken continually, until the targeted audience who have been seeking your services or products reach your websites. The longer a site remains on the first page of the search engines’ rankings, the more traffic and sales will be generated. The more backlinks to a website are established, the better its position will be when potential customers are looking for a product or service that is listed on your site.

SEO Galway constantly monitors your website ranking and makes changes where necessary. They continually evaluate your websites against competitors. Their strategy is to always strive to make sure that we rank on the first page or, at least, on page one of Google.

There are other techniques that SEO Galway uses to achieve this, including PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising, banner advertising, and paid inclusion. The aim is to remain as close to the top of the search engine rankings as possible.

As a result, SEO Galway monitors the changes that are occurring in the search engine results page. They monitor trends to see what keywords are being used and which search terms a particular business is bidding on. They also monitor changes to the content on the website to see if it is generating more traffic than before. learn more about SEO Galway at

As you can see from the information above, SEO Galway is all about building and maintaining a long-term, positive relationship with the web users who visit their websites. SEO Galway is committed to delivering results for your clients, by targeting key search engines.

Every business, from every country on earth, can benefit from the use of SEO technology. It is certainly a competitive but lucrative world, and all businesses should be taking advantage of all available opportunities.

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