March 25, 2023
Gabby’s best running blogs

Gabby’s best running blogs

This is the best of the best of all my running blogs. This sum up is designed to teach you how to run and improve your running if you’re a seasoned athlete. You can find out how to start running with my beginner guide to running a half marathon. You can become your own DIY run coach, and I’ve even posted up some special tips on how to continue running in the off season.

Running nutrition

After you have your training under control, you might want to focus on your nutrition. Find out if you need to snack before workouts and how to time your carbohydrate intake. Getting the right amount of carbohydrate is imperative to maintaining a healthy body weight and metabolism. If you’re planning to do a long race like a marathon you also need a nutrition plan!

If you have had weight loss surgery you might find this article on Running with a lap band useful, there’s extra tips for specialised nutrition advice.

Gabby’s best running blogs

Supplements & boosting performance for running

Now if you REALLY want to get serious with your running, then you need to be on top of what’s hot and not with supplements and performance boosting. B-Alanine is a hot supplement at the moment that the elite athletes are taking with great results. Coffee might just be your best friend when it comes to reducing fatigue on a marathon, and NOT drinking sports drinks can actually boost your performance– Great for those with irritable bowel syndrome. And for those interested if exercise can help alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, I answer that here. I even have a rant about why we need the sugar in sports gels during long distant events. 

Injury prevention for running

Optimal performance is one thing, staying injury free is another. A common beginner’s injury is shin splints. Aim to progress your training slowly and don’t forget to stretch! I attended a myofascial release course where I share with you on my podcast how to perform some relaxing releases for running and swimming. You can also read about compression garments and how they DON’T stand up to the claims.

Running equipment

Getting the right running gear is super important if you want to be comfortable. Learn how to choose the right sneakers for your running. For the ladies, I’ve even given my run down on the type of sports bra to wear too. I’ve got stuff on the best fitness apps and gadgets you can buy to track your progress. No stone left unturned!

Interesting places to run

Whilst your weekly training regime might keep you pounding the pavement, maybe you want to take it off road? Here are two interesting trail runs; The Sphinx and The Blue Mountains Three Sisters trail in Katoomba you might like to try.

Are you a seasoned runner, do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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