Why You Need To Be Accountable

 One thing I have noticed with working with clients all day long, is the power of accountably. Accountability can help you with weight loss, sticking to an exercise program or just eating better for health.
I know for myself when I have to submit an article, to a magazine on deadline; knowing that someone is going to read my work and critique it makes me try extra hard to get it right. #peoplepleaser lol
It’s nagging feeling of not wanting to let anyone down, and seeking approval that keeps me accountable and on task. Now,  I am not saying that seeking approval from others all the time is healthy, because it’s not. There has to be some sort of internal drive that makes you want to try hard for yourself too. Knowing that we are approval seeking beings however, is something to use to your advantage to get shit done!

How can you be accountable to yourself?

There are many ways of being accountable to yourself, some ideas that come to mind are:
  • Keeping a food diary or daily exercise journal.
  • Keep a time line of expected actions you need to complete.
  • Using a goal setting app to log your daily actions towards that goal.
  • Making a commitment to yourself that you are going to complete a certain task.

The points above are also ways that you can goal set. In a previous blog post I have written about smart goal setting before. Goals give you a set time frame and a realistic expectation of what needs to be done.

How do you harness external accountability?

You can start by doing the following;

  • Report your goals and achievements to a family member or friend.
  • Set up review appointments with your health practitioner 
  • Check-in with your health care provider weekly with an email about your progress.
These are just some ideas I do with my clients that I find works a treat! Being accountable to someone doesn’t mean you should get berated when you don’t do as well as hoped. It pays to find the right person to help you, that will give you the type of feedback you think you need.

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