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In todays episode we have heaps to cover! Firstly we will address the Pete Evans babba yum yum scandal, I interview Jase from with his colleges from virtual training gym. Lia, Lu ann and Jase are doing fantastic things online in the virtual training space. Todays hot or not diet we are doing to look into the Okinawa plan and answer a listener question about detox diets. It’s a jam packed show, don’t forget to rate it on iTunes! 

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Bubba Yum Yum Book Scandal

  • Pete Evans: The medical claims he comes up with are not based on scientific evidence and he’s trying to turn people against medical professionals such as doctors and dietitians who studied at university and use evidence-based practice.
  • Alternative therapies do have place in health but not in cancer treatment or when feeding babies.
  • Reasons why Government practices and policies are in place regarding food; they are evidence-based and from scientific research.
  • Baby yumyum created by Pete and team- recalled by government authorises- one recipe promoted bone broth instead of baby formula. Baby formula is a highly regulated food product- tested and designed to mimic breast milk and has the right levels of vitamins and nutrients. Broth hasn’t been tested- really high level of vitamin A- contains liver (high levels of vitamin A- should avoid eating when pregnant for this reason) therefore it’s dangerous!
  • >60,000 incidences/year of vitamin toxicity by the US poison control centre. Vitamins and minerals are natural but this doesn’t mean they can’t be toxic.
  • Vitamin A is fat-soluble therefore it hangs around and is not excreted like water-soluble vitamins. Therefore there is an increased risk of toxicity. Vitamins A is found in many foods and used for vision, the immune system and reproduction.
  • Pre-form vitamin A is found in animal products (in liver) and pro-form vitamin A is found in plant-based foods.
  • Recommended dose for infants: newborns: 1333IU and upper tolerable limit 2000IU- anything above UL can cause adverse health effects.
  • Vitamin A toxicity: liver damage, haemorrhage and coma. Dry itchy skin, loss of appetite, fluid in brain, joint and bone pain= characteristics.
  • Bone defects to babies if toxicity of Vitamin A in pregnant women.
  • Genuine health concerns about babies not living anymore from consuming this recipe- 7x recommended dose of vitamin A; it can kill them!
  • Internet gurus claim they know everything and they can cure chronic diseases- look at their credentials, experience and qualifications before following their advice.
  • Also check with your family doctor before following ‘health guru’s’ advice. For your child see a paediatric doctor for specialised advice. See a specialist e.g. for diabetes.
  • People can’t be experts on all topics and all diseases- use your common sense! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Chef writing a book regarding babies nutrition… be sceptical!


Jase and team

  • Second Life program= Virtual world; it’s a platform for people to interact via avatars in 3D space. Jase and the team don’t personally run it they just use it for a program (interactive gym) they’re doing.
  • 3D worldwide web- population of 1 million users at any given time- 60,000 people online at same time. Vast virtual environment. Contains a character that you move around; it’s all about social interaction. Role-play groups, interest groups, live music performances.
  • The players create all of the content in the game.
  • Jase was studying personal training and was a Second Life addict for 8 years; he has tonnes of friends in Second Life. Did a search for virtual gyms in Second Life. Came across the club- started volunteering there.
  • Virtual gym: educational and social support aspect. Educate people on nutritional and exercise-related matters. It also runs weekly classes.
  • Virtual spin classes- he talked them through the things they can do when they go to a real-life gym such as techniques to use. Resistance exercise- technique and proper positioning. Support groups-help to build courage to walk into a real gym.
  • Leah (dietitian) runs an open time for people to ask questions e.g. gluten free, diabetes. Can talk one-on-one with people; trouble shoot and give suggestions to help with their routines. Fuelling for exercise- how to eat before, during and after, has been addressed in the club. Being adequately fuelled for physical activity makes it more enjoyable and provides more energy to keep going. It also ensures proper hydration throughout the workout/exercise session. This can help people realise exercise can be fun and help them see results.
  • Club opened September 2013- very popular location- 40,000 people visited in first month. Many of the people who visited had never been to a gym before and so it was a safe place before going to a gym for the first time (baby steps).
  • Looking to build up a network of people who come regularly for classes and support- people who might be insecure about their exercise goals- too shy to go asking for help in real life. Get a start in understanding nutrition and exercise concepts.
  • Virtual gym was found to be better for weight loss maintenance than going to a real gym as there was more support (found in a small study).
  • Accountability helps people- checking in with a trainer or dietitian to make sure you’re doing the things you say you’re going to do in real life.
  • Within 5 years of losing weight approximately 95% of people regain the weight they lost.
  • Demographic of club= more homebound or shy. Wouldn’t otherwise go out and do that sort of thing.
  • Its more accessible to people living remotely- they don’t have access to gyms or support groups or professionals- can log in and get those things!
  • Sense of presence being with other people- more realistic interaction than accessing a 2D website.
  • You tend to identify with things your avatar does- likely to translate behaviours in Second Life into their real life.
  • Future of virtual gym: the popularity is on the decline but has huge potential for delivering educational and social content. With the introduction of virtual reality goggles- Jase predicts a boom in platforms such as Second Life.
  • How to get involved: sign up for account, log in, search field on user screen- type in avatar fitness club- link to the fitness club. Facebook page- avatar fitness page- can direct you there as well.


Okinawa diet

  • First brought to light by book Blue Zone- written by Dan Buettner- it’s an island in japan called Okinawa and it has the lowest rates of chronic disease worldwide. Lower BMI’s and longer lives. Diet has huge role to play + physical activity patterns. Culture based on agriculture- self-sustaining.
  • They’re continuously active all the time- planting crops and moving around on the farm. Prolonged low intensity physical activity is very beneficial.
  • Diet= used as weight loss plan + for longer living. Traditional diet had no rules- eat what you grow- isolated on island.
  • Modified diet: caloric density groups. 4 groups:

-Feather weight: berries, free range eggs, veggies, tofu, leafy greens and seaweed- can eat unlimited amount of these foods.



-Heavy weight- high sugar, fat, highly processed- eat in moderation.

Eat more featherweight and light weight foods, moderate middleweight and stay away from heavy weight.

  • No indication of portion control i.e. no information provided on how much to eat. Too much healthy food is also an issue! The diet is low in iron and calcium and you might not meet daily requirements for these.
  • Gabby is not keen on good and bad food lists i.e. ranking of foods. All food has a different purpose- shouldn’t be labelling in categories but be mindful of food choice. Psychological issues with food can be developed with ‘good and bad food’ ideas.
  • Gabby personally couldn’t do it; she’s not too keen on fish for breakfast!
  • Be realistic on taste buds. Make sure you can do a diet for the rest of your life- not short term or where you get bored. Will put weight back on when you go back to normal eating.
  • Steering on not so hot diet but might be good for someone who likes these foods.


  1. Detox diets vs. detoxing naturally through diet and exercise.
  2. The body has natural way to detox- the liver! Can detoxify ourselves- body does this e.g. when drink alcohol- processes alcohol first before food so you don’t get poisoned. Don’t need detox cleansers! Non-argument= we don’t need to detox in the first place! Fruit and veg, water, wholegrains and exercise= great way to feel good. Perk yourself up naturally= do it this way- beneficial to your health.

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