The Hollywood Diet


In this episode, we cover all there is to know about the Hollywood Diet, otherwise known as the 48-Hour Miracle Diet. This diet has taken the world by storm claiming to be the weight loss solution for those big red carpet events. It’s a very low calorie diet, so it has its pros and cons. Dietitian Katrina Mills unpacks the marketing around the miracle claims, so you can make sense around this diet.

In this month’s series, we are going to cover 4 popular diets. We’re going to explore the health concerns and methods of dieting to see if they’re hot or not.

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*Correction to the podcast must be made. During the review of the Complete dairy milk, I should have stated “Complete dairy contains 25% less lactose”, in the podcast I originally stated 70% in error. The transcript has been corrected. Sorry! 

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The Hollywood diet

0.00 This months new series we are reviewing fad diets.

1.55 Wes and Gabby have started training at a new gym and achieved a personal best on bench press.

2.56 It’s ok to take rest days from the gym. Sometimes life takes over and you can’t always make it to the gym, which is ok. Rest days are good to recoup the muscles.

3.45 A package came in the mail from Complete Dairy. Complete dairy is a new milk product that’s now in supermarkets.

4.56 Complete dairy has created a new milk product using cold-filtration technology. It’s all-natural and contains 25% less lactose, which is good for people with irritable bowel syndrome. The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra have partnered with the company because each glass of milk now contains more protein.

6.20 Each glass contains 15g of protein, which is double the amount of normal milk. Complete dairy contains 30% of the recommended intake of protein for adults in each glass.

6.47 The benefits Gabby sees, is that you can get more protein in at breakfast, by simply using this milk on your cereal of a morning. This is useful for athletes trying to build muscle.

7.10 If you’re trying to build muscle you need to aim 20g of protein per meal. 1 scoop of protein powder has about 20g of protein per scoop.

7.50 Wes thinks the milk is expensive. The Complete Dairy retails for $2.99. Gabby uses Smart milk, which is enriched with iron, calcium and vitamin D. They are both keen to try out Complete Dairy next time they visit the shops.

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10.57 Introduction to dietitian Katrina Mills from Body Fusion, who is going to cover the Hollywood Diet. 

11.25 The Hollywood diet created for celebrities, also known as 48hour diet. The diet consists of an orange drink with vitamins and minerals that is meant to be a complete meal replacement. The orange drink is mixed with water. It’s drunk a number of times throughout the day or every 2 hours, it ends up being 8 glasses of water over 48hours.

12.40 People sometimes use this juice as a cleanse.

12.52 The Hollywood Diet product is made from a fruit juice concentrate that’s high in mineral and vitamins. In 48hours you will get 75% of your recommended intake of these nutrients.

13.25 In 48 hours on The Hollywood Diet you will get 25g of carbohydrates per day and 20mg of sodium, zero protein. You’re basically starving for the 2 days.

13.39 The Hollywood Diet is only 400kcal per day. This is well below normal very low calorie diet (VLCD). Katrina believes this diet is a huge fad and can’t believe how popular it is.

14.13 VLCD is used in medical cases and under medical supervision, and the diet has more calories, fat and protein to maintain someone in good health whilst losing weight. These 48hour juice diets are not the same as VLCDs, they’re not healthy and not recommended to do.

15.24 VLCDs are only done to shrink liver to perform surgery. Usually done for only 2 weeks pre and post weight loss surgery. People don’t stay on this diet forever.

15.48 After the 48 hour cleanse on The Hollywood Diet, they have now introduced a 30 day miracle program. This is essentially using The Hollywood Diet products, to replace one meal. The dieting rules are don’t eat red meat, sugar or diary. There is no individualised advice.

16.48 The Hollywood Diet is a fad diet that really took off in America. Put a celebrity on any diet, and it will sell.

17.08 Oprah is another celebrity that has joined forces with Weight Watchers, to make lots of money. If Oprah was on milk, milk sales would go through the roof. The power of celebrity endorsement is huge.

17.35 Katrina rates this as a not so hot diet. Next week we will look at Isagenix.

18.25 Wes said he would never try the Hollywood diet. There are better ways to lose weight.

18.37 Do a consistent approach to weight loss instead of a fad. Go to previous podcasts “Smart people don’t diet” or “Secrets from the eating lab”. They explain how to lose weight without dieting.

19.40 We don’t need to detox.


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