The 3 Best Sweat Proof Earphones for Running


When exercising our earphones are often key to keeping us going and helping us forget about how much our calves are burning. They let us escape into another world when we are running, and of course we can listen to our favourite tracks as well.

With the right headphones, exercise becomes even more fun, and it’s even better when they’re sweat proof so they don’t keep falling out. Here are three of the best for running.

#1 Yurbud (Prices from $40)

These sleek red earphones are perfect for the athlete on a budget, and they are a favourite among serious endurance athletes. They have a uniquely shaped silicone cup that twists in the ear so that they stay secure and don’t fall out – even when you sweat.

The cup also ensures that the technology in the ear piece is well protected from sweat as well so that they don’t become damaged. The cloth cords are also incredibly comfortable against the skin and do not irritate.

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#2 Aftershokz (Prices from $120)

Aftershokz do not go into the ear and allow you to hear your surroundings as well as your music. They use the same technology as special ops soldier’s earpieces. The transmitters rest below the temples and deliver the sound of your music by vibrating the bone around the ear.

This allows you to hear everything around you as well as your music – making them ideal for outdoor running, especially in areas with traffic. They are comfortable and stylish to wear, as well as sweat proof so they won’t slip off your head.


#3 Jlab Go (Prices from $40)

These headphones are waterproof beyond normal levels – to the point where you can go swimming in them without any worry. They are perfect for triathlete training or running in the rain, as their waterproof capabilities make it so that your sweat won’t affect them either.

They are a combination of headphones and an MP3 player that has 4GB of memory and a shuffle function for your music. You never have to worry about torrential rain or a sweaty head again with this stylish piece.

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These are some of the best headphones on the market if you are looking for something that won’t slide off your head or out of your ears when you are running. At reasonable prices and with fantastic quality, these are headphones that you do not want to miss out on to really help put a spring in your step when out exercising.

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