March 25, 2023
Sugar free strawberry milk

Sugar free strawberry milk

Sugar free strawberry milk- Impossible you say? Let me introduce you to a new strawberry milk product on the market by a company called Avalanche Kids. It’s a delicious sugar free super strawberry drinking mix, that has no artificial flavors’ or preservatives.

My discovery

I discovered this delicious taste sensation, when I was in Coles for the first time in 6months. My nighttime drinking choice is typically milk (how childish of me). Not only because I like milk, but also for muscle recovery benefits. Typically, I do my large training sessions at night and milk is one of the best post recovery snacks for muscle growth. Want more info? Click here for Milk gives you muscles!

I’m not a sugar nazi, view my stance on sugar where I explain why sugar isn’t toxic. Although it’s not toxic, many people over eat sugar. I still don’t believe that we should add sugar to things unnecessarily, because its bad for your teeth and not so great for your waist line if you eat a lot of it. Which, is were this product fits perfectly. It’s great for kids, diabetics or those who are conscious about their weight.

Sugar free strawberry milk

This strawberry milk powder is something fun you can add to milk drinks whilst minimising the sugar intake. Don’t get me wrong its not nutritious, as is has no energy or nutrients. It’s just a novel product that makes healthy eating a little bit of fun.

Lets face it some times we want some thing sweet after dinner or between meals. Having a high protein milk snack with some strawberry flavouring might be a quirky way to finish the night?

Nutrient labeling

The ingredients list contains: Erythritol, natural flavour, colour beetroot powder, stevia extract and salt. It’s also made locally in New Zealand. The product is: gluten free, nut free, wheat free, egg free, yeast free and GMO free. This product is perfect for people with these particular food intolerances, allergies or coeliac disease.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a non-nutritive sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant. It’s 300 times sweetener than sugar, but with almost zero calories.

It is safe to eat and has been approved to for use in food products. There has been no stevia-related allergy in the literature since 2008. I quite like using stevia based products in my tea, coffee and smoothies. It a good way to reduce your sugar intake and save your teeth from tooth decay! Your dentist will love you for it 🙂

What is Erythritol?

Is found naturally in some fermented foods and nectar from certain fruits. It is a non-nutritive sugar alcohol sweetener or polyol, approved as a food additive. It’s added to stevia to reduce the level of sweetness per teaspoon, so consumers can use stevia in the same volumes as normal sugar. It has a calorie value of 0.2kcal per gram, which is 95% less than normal table sugar. Erythritol is a safe natural product to use, don’t be scared off by big words!

I’m glad I stumbled across this product, because I love having strawberry milk. I should add, that it also comes in a cocoa flavor, which is also not too bad. It has versatile uses you could put it into biscuits or cakes to flavour. I experimented with a home made chia pod and it turned out ok. Have you tried sugar free strawberry milk what did you think?

Note: I didn’t get paid for this product review, and I purchased the product with my own cash. This review is my own opinion only influenced by my own taste buds 🙂

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