What bra you use when working out?


Let’s talk about bras, yes bras. This post is specifically geared towards the ladies, so blokes you have permission to tune out. What bra to use when running or doing aerobics is highly topical. It was actually one of the top questions I used to get asked as an aerobics instructor all the time. Larger boobed ladies go through major issues when choosing undergarments believe it or not.

I have been doing sports and teaching aerobics for donkey’s years, it has only taken me till my late 20’s to get my head around this. It’s actually a really underdeveloped niche market (excuse the pun), lets face it, if you have big boobs, department store automatically assume your whole body is also large and you have no interest in comfort or taste in design!

What you will see in your Bras’ N’ things and department stores is mesh sports bra disasters. Most have stitching that sits right on top of your nipple, itching you to death all the way through the workout.Throughout the years I have tried the mesh and the seams through the centre bras, I found they had no support. This was despite the ugly thick bra straps and underwire that jutted into your skin, that claims to provide “comfort”. Ultimately, these typically white mesh bras make you feel like a grandma and make your boobs look like Madonna’s cone shape bra debacle.

When you’re working out you have to feel comfortable number one and feel good wearing your undergarments. Feeling sexy at the gym or during training is a must!You’re going to workout harder when you look and feel great. You can tell I am not a baggy T-shirt gym girl at all. I spend more money on gym clothing, than dresses for going out! I find that if bras are made solely of cotton they hold on to sweat and take a while to dry out. This is really bad if you’re going out for coffee after a run in your sweaty gym gear. Worse still if they are nylon based once you sweat in them, you will stink and I find my skin feels itchy.

My underwear draw is full of only Cotton On Body sports bras the ‘Active body’ range, it has underwire with a full cup, thick T back, with thick straps and quick dry fabric. I like it because it gives a lift, a nice round shape and stops the boobs bouncing when I run. I’ve been wearing the same brand for 8 years. I thought I hit the jackpot, I don’t buy any other brand.

However, the reason why I decided to write this post is because I visited Cotton On Body last week and they now have a new sports bra range which I’m in love with. The sports bra is called Workout K.I.R Bra, which is amazoid!

sports bra It even goes up to sizes range from B to DD. I love it because primarily it has a cute colour range; pink, coral, aqua and black for the morbid types (only joking). Already it’s one up on your traditional grandma bras of mesh white. It has built in underwire, full cup, thick straps, thick T-back to match your singlet tops but not give you neck induced headaches.

The fabric is smooth, leaving no bra imprints on your shirt. Nothing worse that seeing lace or mesh outline through a thin shirt. What can I say, it’s the best I have found so far and they don’t even pay me to say it! With this bra I don’t have to wear my normal sports bra with another elastic crop top over the top. Before finding this I would wear two layers, bra then tank top, then normal singlet top usually elastic too. This bra is all in one bra and tank, it’s fashionable and comfortable. Leave your t-shirt at home people, this is all you need!

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