Sphinx trail run

This weekend I joined my friend David on a trail run, which was a great cardio workout for the enthusiastic type! It started off a little chilli and I thought we may have been rained out. Fortunately the weather held up for the 3hrs we were in the bush. This track starts 6km from the Pacific High way along Bobbin Head road walk along the bitumen down the steps to the Sphinx memorial.
 The track is one person wide so don’t expected to be talking much, especially if you’re running. There are lots of rocks, steps and reeds to keep you guessing along the way. Run swiftly but lightly and keep your eyes on the ground!
IMG_9063 The terrain is very lovely. The trail passes through luscious rainforest type environments, to dry barren grass patches. In places the bush reeds reach head height, low lying vines and branches also pop out of nowhere if you’re not paying attention.  
IMG_9080 The half waypoint is roughly Apple Tree Bay, where you can see boats and people fishing along the river back. In fact I’ve taken my dad fishing here on fathers day once in a small tin boat. It was quaint but we caught a weird looking fish we threw back.
 IMG_9073 For the remaining 8km we continued on track to follow the riverbank to finish with the most challenging part of it all zigzagging the mountaintop to reach Berowra train station where David had arranged his car to be conveniently parked near by. 

What a relief! The thought of walking any further was killing me. My feet ached and my body was cold, but it was worth it.  All up this trail run was 15km in distance which we both ran and walked, plenty of hills and rocks to climb over to keep the heart rate up.  This is defiantly a worthwhile challenge workout for the running enthusiast.  Enjoy!

Trail running Sphinx


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