January 31, 2023
Resolute beach is paradise

Resolute beach is paradise

This year I wanted to start 2016 with a bang, so we went on an adventure we’d never forget. A group of friends and I, went in search for the not so well known Resolute beach.

Resolute beach is located in Ku-ring-gai Chase national park, you might know the area as West Head. Ku-ring-gai national park is quite a popular destination for cyclists as the terrain is quite hilly, apparently it makes for a good workout I’m told.. not so eager to try though! What visitors may not realise is there are many hidden beaches in this area, Resolute Beach being one of them.

Resolute beach is paradise

You have two options when visiting this beach, take the long way which involves more walking down a bush track or take the short way starting at West Head lookout. We didn’t know about the short way to begin with, so we  parked our car at Resolute picnic area and walked an extra 1km along a bush track carrying pool toys. We weren’t impressed when we found this lead to West Head lookout. I wouldn’t normally mind the extra walk, if I was empty handed. I guess we needed the incidental exercise anyway, more walking never hurt anyone.

The track leading to Resolute beach, starts at West Head look out. If you don’t want to walk through the bush for too long park there. Start your decent for 1km down and along a bush trail. We all caught the case of the “are we there yet?” bug, considering this was our 2nd km carrying esky’s and toys.

As you walk along the bush trail, you get enticed by the view, why can’t we just slide or jump down into the water?- (unless you are looking to cause injury or death this isn’t advised!)

Finally, after a few stair climbs and slips we made it! Paradise is now ours!

This little hidden treasure is almost secluded, you’ll be lucky to get 5 people on the beach. The water is pristine and the view is spectacular, you actually look directly at Palm beach. There are people on Jet ski’s, boats, canoes that all stop for a dip throughout the day, but it’s pretty much yours to enjoy.

Resolute beach is paradise

We explored the rock platforms by foot and on our blow up toys. The surf is relatively flat and the only visitors we had was a few small jelly fish and one large Goanna (native lizard).

One thing I would suggest is take a packed lunch. There are no shops in the National Park, this means no food and water. The bush walk, although short is strenuous. You have to climb down, along and back up a mountain to get there, you will get thirsty and sea water just won’t do.

After mucking around playing ball, taking a dip and walking around, we sat down for a packed lunch of crackers, cheese, hummus and fruit. Then we lounged under our beach umbrella, relaxing soaking up the million dollar views.

Resolute beach is paradise

As the the saying goes, whatever goes down the mountain must come back up the mountain! You must come back the way you came, yes, down all those stairs. I have to admit it was an awesome leg workout, stairs always are. Resolute beach is not only paradise in the middle of Sydney, but it’s also a challenging workout.

If you are keen for adventure, have kids with energy to burn or want to try something new, this combo swim and bush walk has it all. You should visit one day 🙂

Have you been to Resolute beach, what did you think of it?

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