Weight Loss Coaching


This is a 18 week weight loss coaching program designed by Gabrielle Maston, a qualified dietitian, exercise physiologist and health coach in Sydney. It is suitable for weight loss and chronic disease management nutrition, and exercise. This is suitable if you don’t have the time to make to an appointment in person, yet have the desire to improve your health. Conditions we treat are: heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, PCOS, insulin resistance and coeliac disease.

Product Description

In this weight loss coaching package, you will receive a comprehensive explanation of how your current dietary habits affect your health. After reviewing your dietary and lifestyle habits, you will be provided with a new healthy individualised meal and exercise plan.

The meal plan is flexible and modified to your tastes; it’s a diet but you won’t even feel like you’re on a diet! There are no quirky or weird and wonderful foods, just things you can implement quickly and buy at your local grocery store.  Your exercise plan will be fun and effective to get you quick and easy results. It will be a comprehensive guide on how to improve your health.

There is strong emphasis on teaching you the skills you need so that you can continue on your own when the 18 weeks is over. There is unlimited email communication between consultations. Other features include:

  • 60-minute Skype/phone consultation (initial consultation SAVE $20);
  • 30-minute Skype/phone consultations after the initial at week 2, and monthly there after (5 review calls in total) (SAVE $10 off each review)
  • Individualised fitness program: workout plans, and strategies to include incidental activity
  • Individualised nutrition plan including: chronic disease requirements and supplementation
  • Behavioural modification support to address exercise and nutrition habits;
  • Assistance planning and integrating programs into your lifestyle;
  • FREE 12 weight loss workouts (Look for the link in an email SAVE $14.99)
  • Ongoing email support and monitoring; and
  • Access to additional Skype/phone consultation at discounted rates

This package will SAVE you $85!


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