Nudge Your Way To Weight loss

One of the most difficult things modern man has to tackle is weight management. There are so many conflicting messages out there, it’s hard to decide what type of approach you need to get things started. Instead of doing complete diet overhauls, which many fad diets do, may I suggest you try something a little easier? 

Nudge yourself into weight loss and fitness.

It’s hard to simplify the secret to long-term weight loss because scientifically it can be very complicated. Research everyday is showing that multiple things may be going wrong for example: diet types, genetics and lifestyle. What I have found is, the more you know about nutrition the more you realise, you don’t need to know so much to get great results!

 Take the sensible option and sit on the fence, go for all round moderation.

I know moderation isn’t fancy, but essentially that’s all it comes down too. Once you get over the perception that weight loss has to be hard, complicated and illusive. Then you will we have greater success in being able to moderate your lifestyle and food choices.

To get great results I use this technique I coin “nudging” with my clients. Nudging isn’t a dieting acronym either. It simply means we start with baby steps into losing weight.  We pick a few little healthy habits to start with, then we add a few more, then some more and next thing you know the weights dropped off and the healthy habits have built up. Hopefully snow balling into other areas of your life. Every step of the way, my clients learn new things about themselves and enjoyed food again. No good and bad lists, just food. Now that’s empowering!

Try this step-by-step guide:

1.     Out of site out of mind eating: How many times have you walked past the biscuit tin in the kitchen and grabbed a snack? More often than not if some thing is in plain view you will snack on it. Revamp your kitchen and place all food items away in cupboards so you aren’t tempted to eat each time you walk past.

2.     Down size,  reduce the size of your plates, bowel and cups. Research has shown this causes people to eat 22% less calories. Also I encourage to fill you plate up with veggies and salad first so it looks full before putting anything else more energy dense on there.  

3.     Be prepared, always carry a snack and make a shopping list. This means thinking about where you’re going and how long your going to be out for. Have a game plan about where you can eat if your stuck out or carry dried nuts in your bag.

4.     Use flavour fatigue, the more variety you have, the more you eat. Pick 2-3 dishes for the week and repeat. This will allow you to buy in bulk, and save money on electricity. To add to this if you cook in bulk, you won’t over eat due to the excitement of new food every day. Routine with eating is a must, and I strongly suggest you eat the same breakfast everyday, it’s one less meal you have to concentrate on.

5.     Develop a work out routine, aim to exercise at the same time every day if time allows. Coin that zone, “workout me time”, where nothing else can get in the way. Make it a non-negotiable hour. That way exercising isn’t a conscious decision any more, it just happens.

Ready to nudge? Let me know how you go!


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