New Years Unplugged


 The year is drawing to a close and all I can say is thank god! It has been a hectic month trying to finalise everything from media jobs, to clients wanting to get themselves sorted before they go away on holidays.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to start the New Year with a fresh start. Not having lingering work deadlines is a relief. It’s a motto of mine, to use time-off effectively and why not use the public holidays to get rid of all the extra tasks that have haunted you all year?

This is the point where I am supposed to tell you to set New Years resolutions, blah blah and goal set. I will spare you the pep talk. If you want a verbal pep talk listen to my latest podcast here.

I forgot to mention in previous posts that I am now podcasting too. It was one of the biggest projects I wanted to take on board before the years end. If you want more podcasts to listen to on your road trip these holidays, you can find more on iTunes, and don’t forget to write a review and rate my show!

To wrap things up for the year, I wanted to go through some key learning’s I’ve had and what I want to pledge to do next year.

The biggest thing I learnt this year is that the internet is a nasty place. This year in the field of nutrition it has been a complete food fight, but not from people you would expect. There’s a lot of people who care way too much about proving that health professionals are wrong and their fad diet rules.

To the point insults and name calling across all social media platforms, can be experienced everywhere, from crusaders wanting to “change the world” by abusing people with words.

Personally, I care about nutrition and diets because it’s my job. I get paid to do this, I have clients relying on my knowledge to help them overcome illness and improve sports performance. My whole life has been geared toward this from when I was a teenager.

What I don’t understand is everyone’s vested interest in everyone else’s diet? Especially when it’s not your profession and you have no interest in actually helping people. I can’t help but think, all this preoccupation with food facts, isn’t psychologically healthy. Especially when it’s done in such a negative manner.

The consolation I get from this whole internet saga, is that most people haven’t heard about the fads and they don’t care. In the real world, people who want help see a medical professional, like a dietitian. I know that in my line of work, I genuinely help people and sometimes these clients become my friends. If I can make someones life easier, and stress free, when it comes to diet and exercise, I am a happy person. This is what validates what I do.

My panel of 400+ clients a month, are doing just great and that makes me happy. That’s one positive thing I learnt this year; my happiness and work satisfaction is highly dependant on how much my impact can work positively in someones life and also how much their positive stories impact on me.

Second to that I did want to make a pledge too, after my half iron man is over in February. I want to take a more holistic look at my training and life. I want to finally find a happy medium rather than always pushing on the extreme end of competition. I always wondered what life would be like with an entire afternoon during the week minus the exercise?

I’m not saying I’m going to give up exercise all together, that is NEVER going to happen! More so, I am looking for a little bit more enjoyment in training and potentially making time for other hobbies. It’s time to bid you farewell into the New Years, its time to reflect, rejoice and unwind! I will be spending the next 9 days including New Years night, unplugged! Yes Wifi free, in a tent, on the beach. Camping eat your heart out!


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