Lower your cholesterol with Betaglucare

 I don’t often come across supplements which I think are beneficial, however there is a new kid on the block for cholesterol reduction. I don’t actually remember how I came across Betaglucare, but I was quite interested in it, as clients of mine are always looking at natural ways to improve their health.
It’s long known that oats are fantastic for cholesterol reduction mainly due to it’s begta-glucan and fibre content.  Beta-glucan is naturally found in oats in small amounts. Betaglucare is a supplement that is based on beta-glucan extraction. It’s a supplement derived from oats, made almost completely from derived beta-glucan. This is not to be mistaken for gluten, they’re totally two different things!
Beta-glucan forms a thick gel in the gut that binds with bile acid. Bile acid contains LDL cholesterol. This stops their absorption of bad cholesterol back into the blood stream, which means you excrete a lot of the cholesterol out of you.
Looking into this product further, I found that it can also aid to lower blood sugars. When the beta-glucan forms a gel in the gut it also encapsulates the carbohydrates in the food. This slows down the digestion of carbohydrates in the intestine.
This supplement is an inexpensive natural product that can be used to improve cholesterol and blood sugars. This does not mean you can give up your cholesterol and blood sugar medications or not listen to your doctor.
Natural products take longer to work and are not as potent as medications. Speak to your doctor first about using it in conjunction with your medications and then possibly a slow weaning off medications, over time as you simultaneously improve the rest of your diet and start exercising first.
It’s not a miracle product, it’s an aid to use in conjunction with everything else.  
The product is low GI and low carbohydrates, which means if you’re looking after your weight it’s good to use in between meals as a snack. Each satchel is 25g which contains 3mg of beta-glucan, this is the equivalent amount found in 4 bowls of oats, and it really doesn’t have much of a taste. The product tastes like plain oat bran, so It’s painless to eat. Personally have both of my parents on this and there doing really well, but don’t take my word for it investigate for yourself. 

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