Daily living aids for people with Arthritis


For arthritis patients, every day is a challenge. Whether you’re suffering from minor joint pain or an intense backbone pain, you’re likely to face difficulties in managing your daily tasks. From putting on a seatbelt to opening a jar of jam, almost every activity seems hassle-prone. Fortunately, there are a number of daily living aids offered for arthritis patients. Invest in these simple-to-use daily devices and you can say bye-bye to arthritis-related difficulties once and for all!

Extending Device

This looks like any other grabbing device and offers added support for arthritis sufferers. Whenever you bend down or stretch, you might experience sore muscles and pain. The lightweight and portable extending device allows you to easily retrieve all difficult-to-reach items without hurting yourself. Some devices also come with slip-resistant jaws with a magnet attached- which makes it convenient to pick up small, metallic items from the ground (pins and paperclips). The pistol-grip handle is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to operate.

Shopping Bag Holder

If you go for grocery shopping and end up with multiple shopping bags, you’ll (unwillingly) have to make multiple trips to your car to keep all the bags. So how to carry all bags in one go, without hurting your hands? The answer lies in bag holders. They allow you to transport multiple shopping bags (up to 50 pounds) in one go. The handle is cushioned and provides a firmer grip without too much effort. Visit your local hardware store today and find out about these Pack Rats today.

Electronic Jar Openers

Opening a jar involves a twisting motion; this is downright painful for arthritis patients. As a result, many arthritis sufferers are at the mercy of others to open a jar of their favorite jam and jellies. However, all that is about to change with the help of electronic jar openers. It can easily twist off even the most stubborn lids with the touch of a single button. Simply place the jar on the machine. Make sure the lid fits into the lid removal device and the jar is held tightly. Press the button and the lid comes off. Enjoy your favorite delicacy, without any troubles!

Lifting Cushions

With the help of a lifting cushion, you don’t need to struggle when getting up from a chair. The hydraulic cushion gives you a boost, every time you need to get on your feet from any chair or hard surface. You need not exert pressure on your backbone and joints as you get up. Some lifting cushions do not need electricity and batteries to operate and can easily support up to 70% of your body weight as they lift up.

Special Cutlery

Having difficulty gripping steel forks and knives? Having trouble eating? Then look for rubber-coated cutlery at your nearest china store. These utensils offer the best grip with rubber handles and allow you to easily twist them into any comfortable position you like. If you experience frequent pain in your palms and have difficulty gripping objects, then you should invest in these.

There are several other devices that make daily lives easier for arthritis patients. Make sure you do thorough research, check their prices and test them before buying.
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