Is the Isagenix diet program a scam?


In this episode, Dietitian Katrina Mills joins me on the show to talk about the Isagenix weight loss program. We cover exactly how the diet works and other important things to consider before committing to the Isagenix program.

In this month’s series, we are covering a range of popular diets to review if they’re Hot or Not. 

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Is Isagenix a scam?

0.00 This week we are talking to Dietitian Katrina Mills about Isagenix.

1.44 Correction to last week’s podcast; Complete Dairy milk, I was supposed to say the milk was 70% increased protein, 25% reduced lactose. We got to taste the milk, and it tasted like normal milk and we were very happy with it.

3.05 When is the best time to quit? I quit my full time job last week, which was a big step.

3.30 The best time to quit is when you have out grown your role, things aren’t working out and there are many other reasons. It’s better to make the hard decision, instead of staying in the role and being unhappy, which may be an easier thing todo.

4.24 I was listening to a podcast which mentioned the best time to leave your role is when; you’re thinking that you need to leave, when you’re feeling unhappy, losing motivation and dreading turning up to work. There are a lot of people who do turn up to work when they don’t want to, which is not a happy way to live.

5.10 I recognise that I am in a fortunate position to be able to leave my job, but I acknowledge other people can’t do that, which is fine. If you’re going to stay in a role and you dislike it, then you need to own up to the fact that you are going to work to earn money and make that the reason to try your best.

5.50 I love working, but the best time to quit is when it starts to affect your confidence levels and self esteem.

6.40 Quitting whilst you’re ahead is not only applicable to the working scenario but in all areas of life. For me quitting work was hard because the level of guilt about letting people down was hard to overcome. It made me feel like a failure. We are all human and subject to human feelings.

7.20 If it’s a toxic environment and toxic to your health and life, why would you keep doing it? Would you do the same if you were in a toxic relationship? No, I would probably leave a toxic relationship too.

7.51 It is tough making that decision to leave a relationship or work because there is a financial and emotional burden that accompanies that decision. But you’re being true to yourself and better things will come from it.

8.08 Health is holistic, so anything that affects your mental health will affect your overall physical health. Some level of stress is healthy, especially if its productive stress. Stress due to menial things is not useful to you.

9.30 Wes has quit many things in his life, particularly an unhealthy relationship. It was a toxic relationship that made him unhappy. It was difficult but ended up having a good outcome.

10.30 People have to know what’s good for them and acknowledge how they’re feeling and what is right for them and that takes a level of character. It’s also important to have character and a level of integrity when people are saying mean things.

13.06 Introduction to Isagenix with Dietitian Katrina Mills. Isagenix sweeps through organisations. It can be a money making scheme for people, which is why it spreads so far within companies.

13.40 Isagenix started in the USA and it expanded to 7 different countries. Claims to improve health, cleanse and aid weight loss. They are meal replacement shake products and other supplements.

14.16 Isagenix differs to other diets, because they use multi-level marketing to sell their products rather than traditional forms of advertising. It grows very fast because people get their friends involved.

15.06 They do get medical professionals, athletes and celebrities to endorse the products. Katrina got a call from Jana Pittman, when she was enquiring about the program. Jana is one of the celebrity athletes who endorse the products in Australia. As soon as you get someone famous talking to you, you do get a bit excited. Katrina can see how people get drawn in to being involved.

16.47 Just because you’re an athlete doesn’t mean you know everything about health.

17.20 There are a range of Isagenix programs you can choose from. The basic package is a 9day cleanse program, which includes; vitamin and herbal supplements to “support healthy energy and support hunger” this retails for $260. This comes with an optional 30 day cleanse for $490. You can also add on additional products and cheaper rates.

17.50 The highest level pack is the ‘Presidents Program’ which costs $750 and claims to be “best selling product with proven marketing tools”. Katrina wonders where the health element is, in that statement?

18.24 The more you buy, you get an auto shipment arrangement. You get a discount if you do a monthly direct debit. These products are very expensive.

18.55 Professor Tim Crowe did a review on meal replacement products and compared Isagenix to other meal replacement products. Optifast turns out to be better nutritionally balanced than Isagenics and its only $150 a month. Compare that to Isagenis base program, that’s a significant difference. You will get the same level of weight loss with either product.

20.00 The benefits of weight loss you get from using Isagenix is just from good weight loss, not from the products itself. If you eat less, you will carry less weight and you will feel better. Do that any other way and you will get the same results. There is only one research paper to support the use of Isagenix products. It was funded by the company itself and a very small test group.

22.10 The weight loss, not the products will make you feel good. People get involved in the products quickly because they are being sold the idea by family members and friends who have a financial involvement in the products. To me that’s not ethical.

23.00 Isalean, is a product marketed to detox the body. Your body has a liver, you don’t need supplements to detox. You don’t need to rely on meal replacements to lose weight.

24.10 I don’t think Isagenix is value for money in a meal replacement to lose weight. You can use them, just think as a tool in your tool box, but it’s not the only solution to lose weight. You need to address lifestyle factors and meal replacement products don’t allow you to do that.

25.10 Remember that people who are marketing Isagenix products have a financial interest in signing you up. Ask yourself do people signing me up for this have my best interest at heart?

26.20 Dietitians do a lot of things for free. We do care, we do a lot of things behind the scenes that people don’t see. Don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes!


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