International Day Of Happiness


The UN International Day Of Happiness is here! It’s a global campaign to increase awareness about wellbeing. It recognises that human progress should be about happiness and wellbeing, not just about a growing economy. We are human, not robots!

Happiness is a determinant of other social goals in life like careers and relationships. Being happy provides a quality of life and gives meaning. It’s not surprising that happiness in turn increases life expectancy. A study conducted in 2011 followed 5,000 students for 40years and found that those who tended to be pessimistic died younger than optimistic peers.

Ultimately happiness leads to a more fulfilled, less stressful life and greater feelings of well-being. Understandably its very easy for me to tell you all to just be happy, it’s just not that simple. On some days for some people happiness can feel illusive. For those with depression it’s even worse and this is nothing to be ashamed of. We all go through rough patches in life where we feel down, it’s all part of being human. I wrote about a few of my struggles trying to search for my happiness a few years ago here.

Happiness or happy moments can be a transient thing, whereas in a way I think I am also trying to describe contentment. If you want to read about my secrete to happiness and contentment I’ve posted about it here. In part gratitude and being content with what you have is how I found happiness. Chasing the “I’m never good enough” train is very exhausting it will keep you sad indeed.

Lets get on board with International happiness day by spreading the love. Try these top ten tips for making March the 20th the international day of happiness a happy one:

  1. Smile at some one
  2. Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while
  3. Give money to charity
  4. Take a walk at your favorite location
  5. Pay for some one else’s coffee
  6. Lay down on the grass and stare at the sky
  7. Go out and talk to a stranger
  8. Compliment some one you see everyday
  9. Listen to your favourite song
  10. Go to bed earlier or take a nap

If you want to get involved and reclaim you’re happiness and share it with the world. Why don’t you upload an Instagram pic of something that makes you happy? Don’t forget to #happinessday and tweet @gmaston.

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