Hydration for champions


In this episode, my co-host Wes joins me to discuss hydration in sports. Learn how your level of dehydration can actually affect your sports performance. We also bust some common hydration myths.

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Hydration for champions

0.00 Introduction to hydration for champion podcast, why is hydration so important for sports performance.

2.08 Water is part of plasma, the blood. Blood carries nutrients to different parts of the body to live. Dehydration can cause heat stroke and eventually a heart attack.

3.00 How much water do we need per day? 8 glasses of water per day is a myth, aim for above 1L and recognize individual needs, physical activity patterns and the temperature outside.

3.38 A urine test will determine how hydrated you are. You can look up a urine chart on Google to see how hydrated you are. Dark yellow urine means you need to drink water.

5.34 Do a weigh in before training to see how much weight you have lost during training. This will tell you how much water you have lost. 1kg of body weight lost will be equal to 1L of fluid lost.

7.35 How much fluid did you drink when you were in the army? Wes would carry 50-60kg on his body of equipment and armory. Whilst on field exercises in the army, he would drink 10L of water per day on average.

9.21 Dehydration affects accuracy and concentration. This is very important for making decisions and competition.

10.20 It has been shown that 2-3% reduction in body weight from dehydration affects performance significantly.

10.38 Signs of dehydration: thirst, lightheaded, sweating a lot, lack of concentration, headaches, dry mouth. When you stop sweating this could mean you’re leading into heat stroke.

11.59 Children don’t tend to feel thirsty, important to stop kids when playing sport to make them drink.

13.15 How about use sport drinks in hydration? Endurance sports may need to use sports drinks to hydrate better. Sports that is continuous and longer than 2hours of exercise.

14.29 Plain water can dilute our natural bodies salts (electrolytes) if you are sweating. Sports drinks contain electrolytes that can help the body to hold on to fluid and rehydrate faster.

15.20 Endurance athletes need at least 500ml per hour during a race. It’s hard to drink water whilst running. Manual handling of drink bottles or cups can be a challenging part of the race.

17.45 I have salty rice cakes before a race. I take a gel/ sports drink mix on my bike, which was 3-4 gels in 1L of sports drink. My second water bottle contains water. During the bike leg, I alternate between drinks.

18.30 During my running leg, I alternated between Coke a Cola and water. For the caffeine, it increases stimulation.

20.08 Does caffeine dehydrate you? If you drink coffee in water, it won’t dehydrate you because the amount of fluid you get in the drink compensates the diuretic effect of the caffeine itself.

22.10 How important is hydration in weight lifting? If you were really dehydrated it would be unsafe. However, the likelihood of becoming dehydrated in an air-conditioned gym environment is unlikely.

23.40 Important to hydrate during winter, especially if you’re very physically active and outdoors. People don’t tend to drink much water during winter, which can be a problem.

24.00 Important to hydrate during long swimming events too. You still sweat when you’re in the water.

26.25 Can food help you hydrate if you don’t like drinking water? There is fluid in food. So food can contribute to your total daily fluid intake.

29.04 Next weeks podcast is about sports gels.


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