Hickies never tie your shoes laces again


Do you know what my pet hate is when running? Stopping to tie my shoelaces! To be honest with you, I did away with putting shoes laces in my sneakers last year when my brand new light weight sneakers came with elastic pull cord pseudo laces = Brilliant!

This week, I was introduced to a brand new fitness product launching here in Australia called HICKIES. I opened up the package and initially I was quite confused about how these little bits of plastic could ever be laces? Don’t worry they came equip with a full set of instructions on how to redesign your sneakers with the hippest laces out!




Having been a runner all my life, I am not short of a pair sneakers to experiment with. I took out my purple HICKIES and gave it a whirl and prettied up my shoes with my brand new HICKIES, I found I really love this product! HICKIES are really cute, comfortable and they redesign your shoe to look more modern, slick and fashionable?

It turns out that HICKIES have been around for a while touching the lives of fitness enthusiasts around the world. HICKIES started overseas initially launching in America and then across to Europe. I see HICKIES as perfect solution for triathletes or runners who just need to slip on their runners and go. Think about this scenario; stopping during a race to tie your shoelaces while people are running past you, that’s embarrassing! With HICKIES you will never have to tie your shoes laces again.


Hickies shoe lace


If you are thinking about ditching your laces, give HICKIES a try. Visit the website here to view more colours and styles on how to use HICKIES.

Note- I don’t get kick backs from endorsing HICKIES. I was sent a free set in the mail and loved it, so I thought I would share.


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