Healthy party eating tips


In this episode, I am discussing every Christmas! Learn how to navigate Christmas party eating, and what gifts to buy your loved ones, to motivate them to eat healthier and exercise.

This is the last podcast for the year. I will be taking a month off to recoup and relax. Thanks for listening, have a lovely Christmas and safe New Year. Look out for more updates on my blog about healthy Christmas tips. Don’t forget to head over to iTunes and rate the show or leave a comment below.

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11 Quick party eating tips

From Facebook

  • Ash Man Nuske: Go all out on Xmas day and enjoy the hell out of it. Just don’t let it spread into the New Year lol
  • Emma Robertson @Nutrition Training Australia: If you find it hard to avoid picking at party snack, nominate yourself to take happy snaps at the party as a fun distraction. Hard to pick with a camera in your hand!
  • Sally Mitchell @Food to Fit: To avoid over eating at Christmas parties and events, plan and have a huge healthy late lunches on the day of your event. Or for lunch time events have a huge healthy breakfast. My favourite is a huge steak sandwich with heaps of salad- beetroot and cheese or a big breakfast with bacon, eggs and all the trimmings.

Gabby’s party eating tips

  1. Take a healthy plate to the party: Antipasto plate or fruit salad.
  2. Be mindful of what you are choosing, choose what you really want and leave the rest.
  3. Don’t go hungry.
  4. Have meaningful conversations with people to distract from the food.
  5. Pour yourself a glass of water to avoid alcohol.
  6. Leave the room with food in it to remove the constant reminder of food.
  7. Don’t sit near food, close proximity will make you eat more.
  8. Go for a walk before or after the event to mind yourself of being healthy.

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