Food prep for hard gainers


In this episode, my co-host Wes joins me on the show to talk about food prep for hard gainers. We discuss why it’s important to plan and prepare your meals if you want to gain weight. We share a few useful sports nutrition goals, cooking tips and recipes to get you gaining weight and feeling great.

This month’s series, we are going to cover a range of sports topics. We are going to look at how to use gels appropriately as well as how to rehydrate adequately.

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Food prep for hard gainers 

0.0 Intro to hard gainers and food prep podcast. I introduce co-host Wes, who is a hard gainer. In this podcast I use him as a case study example of some one who has trouble gaining weight. His goal is to gain weight and he has a lot of trouble doing so. Wes described his struggle with weight gain and his process of gaining weight throughout a number of years. With organised food preparation we help him reach his weight-gain goal.

4.29 The biggest tip for hard gainers is to reduce the volume of meals, but instead increase the density of meals. Too much fibre can be an issue because of sheer volume of food.

5.51 Breakfast consisted of: oats, apricots, cottage cheese, yogurt, honey and nuts. Which was a lot of food. This was later swapped for a liquid Breakfast later on (we discuss this again towards the end of the show). Wes advises hard gainers to push through the fullness barrier. He suggests “pushing through” even when you feel full.

Hard gainer food prep 4

7.30 Food prep is a weekly ritual due to volume of food needed for the week. Food prep is the key for hard gainers to make progress and for weight losers as well. Food prep helps you save money because you can buy in bulk and it stops you buying food out which is expensive.

8.43 Start off by writing a list. Have some variation in what you cook for the week so you don’t get bored. Find meals that are quick to cook in large volumes. For example: rice, potato, chicken.

Hard gainer food prep 2

10.22 We use chicken thigh fillets in food prep. They are high in omega-3 fats and naturally portion controlled. They are portion controlled and juicer, so easier to eat and prep.

11.15 Hard gainers need 2g/kg/BW of protein, excess protein will go to waste if you eat too much. Wes eats ½ kg of rice or potato at each meal. What goes into each meal; 125g chicken thigh fillet, 400-500g potato or rice, BBQ sauce and salad.

Hard gainer food prep 3

12.00 We recommend you use a food scale to get portions right. Chop up food into bite size pieces to make it easier to eat. Add roasted vegetables for extra flavour and variation.

15.13 Post dinner meal is important to increase calorie intake. However, reflux may be a problem to work around for hard gainers.

15.50 Wes found having rest meals or reducing size of a couple of meals helped reduced the reflux.

17.00 Breakfast smoothie is an easier way to get a calorific breakfast into your day, if you are a hard gainer.

Hard gainer food prep

17.25 My new recipe book is now on sale. The Perfect Juice has Wes’s Breakfast smoothie in it. The recipe includes: banana, raspberry, oats, honey and full cream milk.

21.20 Hard gainers more prone to getting sick. Body fat helps maintain immunity. Malnourished elderly, cancer cachexia patients and hard gainers will find it easier to ward off sickness with more body fat.


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