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I value transparency and ethics in nutrition and exercise writing and reporting. The news, reviews and recommendations you read here are independent unless it is declared. I will state if any ‘freebies’ including product samples have been provided. I will also clearly declare any commercial interests by writers or guests.

Comment Policy

I love and appreciate your comments and hope you feel comfortable to ask questions, give honest feedback and nutrition views. But we do ask you to keep it nice. If you wouldn’t say it to (or in front of) your grandma, doctor or ex-teacher, don’t say it here. All posts are moderated and will not see the light of day if they are spam, rude, contain swearing or abusive language. This is to protect my readers from this, but also to benefit you, in case your employer Googles your name and finds nasty comments made by you. I find it highly disrespectful and I do not tolerate this behaviour on my platforms.

Medical Advice Policy

The information on this site while prepared and edited by me with my expert hat on. Information is of a general nature. It is not intended to replace the personalised care of your health professional team. Also please appreciate that nutrition and exercise science, is a fast changing science that is constantly out-dated. Even with regular updating, archived posts may not always contain the latest and greatest guidelines. I hope you appreciate that personal nutrition advice cannot be provided and encourage you to have regular health professional visits. Even if it’s just for a yearly tune up. You can book an appointment to see me in Sydney or online if you would like personalised advice. Note I do not provide consultation via private email or inbox either, please book an appointment.

Reproduction Policy

All content on this site is original and copyright of Gabrielle Maston. All rights reserved. If you are tempted to cut and paste a whole post and pass it off as your own, you are actually breaking the law and software systems are now used at universities and schools to find copy right exerts online. This could get you into lots of trouble. But if you’d like to discuss reproduction or use for your school assignment, media article or uni assignment just asks me for a comment, I’m usually happy to help. Thanks!