Favourite fitness apps

 You know what they say, there’s an app for everything! From setting reminders about feeding the dog, measuring your blood caffeine levels, to tracking stress. You name it, someones already invented an app for it.
These days, there are so many fantastic fitness apps that can make life a whole lot easier. Maintaining good health is simply available at the touch of your fingers.  You can have access to a world of knowledge 24hours a day. You know what’s even better? Most of them are free. This is not a sales add, but defiantly worth the time invested reading this blog.
The reason why I am so app happy is because research has shown that the more people track aspects of their health and the more likely they will have better health outcomes. Take for example weight loss,  when people track their body weight, activity patterns or food intake, they more likely they are to lose weight and keep it off. It’s because you become self empowered, self aware and learn to manage you health conditions by getting constant feedback about your progress. All this from your phone, that’s so simple!
Personally, this works for me when I turn on my pedometer app, I do more steps. I check my step count on an hourly basis and become more conscious of getting up from my desk to start clocking up my 10,000 step goal. A similar pattern occurs when I use my goal achievement app.  The more I tick off days, when achieving my daily goal, the more I want to do it, so I can “tick the box”.
Here are a list of my  top 5 favourite apps along with their websites I use personally and with clients to achieve weight loss success and improved sporting performance. Give it a go, it might motivate you. 🙂

My fitness pal 

If you could only down load one app, this is the one to get. This app interfaces with the www.myfitnesspal.com website. This is the first and foremost app I use with clients. The program allows you to add friends to your community list, and keep an online food and exercise diary. It’s great for me to login to see what my clients are doing, by checking their daily food and exercise logs. It’s great for the user to be able to have autonomy about their food choices.
The program contains extensive data base of food items and their brands and is updated on a regular basis. Simply search for the food you are about to eat.  List it in your online diary and see if it fits your calorie allocation for the day. You can also track how many calories you burn walking the dog, swimming, cycling etc. There are hundreds of activities listed. Best of all, it sets you up with calculated targets according to your height and weight for either weight loss or weight maintenance. And it’s is free!

Run meter

If you’re into running or walking this is a good one. This app works on a GPS system to map your run track. It records your distance, speed, calories burnt and time. It’s fantastic to give you enough information to set training goals. Set training goals for each workout and try to beat your personal best. Another great one I have used in the past is called Map my run it has a similar function, however I find run meter GPS tracking is slightly more accurate. This app sets you back $4.99

Better health channel 

This newly discovered app is a gem. Can’t think of what to cook for dinner or make for lunch? Consult Better health channel healthy recipe data base. With over 50 different recipes listed under each meal category you can throw out all your old recipe books! Got an aliment you need some info for? Just search for it, and pull up fact sheets on how to treat your self. It’s not supposed to replace your doctor, but may help you gain some insight on what to do next and its free to download.

Health habits

We all know that goal setting is super important for achieving anything in life. I find this a fabulous reminder to set on my phone for daily little goal I have to get through. It’s the smaller daily goals that help you reach your larger long term goals. For example this month I have a reminder set to taking my daily fish oil and iron supplements, to drink 2 L of water per day and to get 7-8hrs of sleep per night. The reminders are set for 9am every working day. Each time you click compete a fun and insightful quote about success flashes on the screen encouraging you to keep going. You also earn points which helps to gameify the whole experience. The basic version of this app is free.

Caffeine zone

When do you know your body needs its next caffeine hit? This app will tell you. It contains a data base of all caffeinated foods and beverages. It calculates how many milligrams of caffeine will last in your system and when it will spike. It also gives recommendations on when to top up to keep energy levels at optimum. I usually don’t recommend staying on a caffeine drip all day, but this is great if your using it for a sports performance benefit.
Caffeine can be used to a certain extent as a performance enhancing stimulant. If not for sports performance you may find it useful on high concentration work days. Caffeine helps you think better and talk more studies have shown. Maybe you may need it to get through a few meetings? This ingenious app is free too.
Now tell me, what’s your favourite fitness app?

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