My slow fashion pledge; think, stop, commit


This month I have made a commit to myself and mother earth, that I am going to be a more sustainable consumer. I should actually say instead of “consumer”, I should say “customer”. I have already checked out of consumerism a long time ago and slow fashion is my next step in doing my thing to help the planet. If you want to know more about the benefits of slow fashion and how the textile industry is destroying the planet read this blog.

This is my slow fashion pledge;


I am going to think about where I purchase my clothing from. I will only buy from sustainable brands and really think about how that item will be used in my wardrobe.

This means I will think about things like;

  • The colour pallet of my wardrobe.
  • The cut and design of the item, for example if it have multiple uses.
  • The style of the item, does it express my personality at the moment.
  • The cost.
  • If I have similar items that can be reused instead.
  • Can I purchase things second hand.

If you don’t like wearing second hand clothing that ok, there are alternatives. I also often use a mix of new and used clothing, here is a list of 30 ethical fashion brands you can investigate so you can shop in a sustainable manner.

Purchasing from ethical fashion brands is expensive, but this is because they are paying fair trade wages and minimise their eco footprint. I would rather pay more money for clothes, knowing the workers who are sewing them get paid appropriately and I’m not destroying the planet.

You can also look at purchasing locally made clothing by new up and coming designers from inner city markets at affordable prices.

I am going to continue to purchase second hand clothing. This is actually my favourite way to shop and I have done this since I was a teenager, but now I know I buying second had for all the right reasons- sustainability.

Purchasing second hand clothing means that good clothes aren’t going into landfill, resources are being reused and you are not contributing to the consumerism culture that is fast fashion. Fast fashion is a culture where you wear it once, and then throw it away.

I want you to think about your last 3 clothing purchases, did they turn out to be things that you wore and used? Is there any improvements you can make about your purchasing decisions in the future?


I am going to stop buying things I don’t need. This year I vow to not buy anymore clothing. I have cleaned out my wardrobe, matched colours and purchased a 3-4 key pieces to tie looks together namely closed shoes for work.

I have more than enough clothing and foot ware in every genre. From work wear, casual wear and gym wear. I don’t need anymore and I am ready to let go of clothing items I love, but don’t wear. In a weeks time I am doing another market stall and selling off my hardly used clothing for $1 a piece. I’m going to sell them to people who will use them.

Over the past year, I have had a number of market stall days at a place where there is a lot of poorer people than I. I have gone on a journey of de-cluttering and simplifying the entire home, which involved getting rid off about a trucks worth of trinkets and odds and ends I inherited from other family members, and of course my silly purchase decisions.I put a stop to buying stuff for the sake of buying. I said no to consumerism.

What are you going to put a stop to?


I am going to commit to making a change, to help save our environment and help the people who make our clothing.

My plan is to commit to this pledge for the rest of the year and hopefully for life. No one is perfect, so if I do falter or want/need something that can’t be sourced sustainably. I am going to make sure I will use it and care for what I buy. I’m not going to just look at the cheapest item anymore. I am going to consider every decision and it’s impact on the environment.

I am also going to commit to making an effort in building a useable multi purpose capsule wardrobe and still be stylish. If you want to see how I’m doing with my capsule wardrobe I’ve created a Pinterest board if you want to follow along. Do you have a pledge you’d like to commit to?



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