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I firmly believe Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. Even on rainy ‘don’t want to leave the house’ days, the beach never lets you down. I’ve been on holidays for the past 3 weeks and my goal on my time off was to explore some new beaches. I am an avid swimmer and I love the surf, I wanted to try something different than my typical hangout Bondi beach.

Caves beach 2I had seen a post on Facebook about Caves beach, and my husband and I decided to take a scenic drive up the coast to check it out. Caves beach is located in Swansea on Caves beach road, it’s about a 1.5 drive from the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Most Sydney city dwellers travel to the Central Coast on holidays over summer, but you can easily get there and back within a day.

Cave beach


Caves beach turned out to be more than just about the caves, it was actually a long open beach with sand dunes and plenty of wild life. As you can see in the pictures the weather wasn’t great, it had been on the verge of rain all day, however the view was still spectacular.


Caves beach 3

Exploring rock formations at beaches is exciting, you never know if you’ll find crabs, fish or seaweed. You can spend all day leisurely exploring and walking around. There are a few rock platforms along the beach on the way to the Caves so take your time and enjoy the 500m stretch.

Caves beach 4

The Caves are on the far right hand side of the beach as you face the water. There’s also a life guard post for sunnier days when there’s opportunity for a dip.

Caves beach 5

There are plenty of visitors around the caves so you can’t get lost. There is only one way in and out. Make sure you take your camera, because some of the rock formations are gorgeous.

Caves beach 7

We had lots of fun trying to cross through the caves to the other side in between the waves. The water was surprisingly warm, but then again the water is always warmer when it’s cold outside.

Caves beach 8

The view from the other end of the caves are equally spectacular, and I am not sure how far you can actually walk. It started raining more heavily and we weren’t game to attempt a longer walk over rocks in that weather.

Caves beach

If you are looking for a new beach to try over the weekend, think about heading to Caves beach. There’s hardly anyone around, lots to see and do, and so much ocean to swim in. If you don’t like swimming or it happens to be a rainy day, take a walk. Nothing like a romantic stroll along the beach.

Caves beach 9

Have you been to Caves beach, do you have any recommendations?


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