Experience Ibiza a different way

The port was dirty and parts had a funky smell due to tourist urinating on the streets late at night returning from the near by nightclubs and bars. It was severely disappointing. There wasn’t a Spanish person in site and all the cafes, food outlets where over priced. Around the port the only food outlets that could be found was nasty takeaway food selling the same old thing English breakfast, burgers and chips to cater for all the tourists.
After sulking in my room for a few hours thinking, I have four days in this place, what am I going to do? I pulled myself together and went in search of what was so great about Ibiza?
Walking along the wharf I was greeted by a Swedish man who worked for a diving centre Arenal. I explained my dilemma about wanting to get away from the port and see something nice, and he suggested I try scuba diving.
I never considered scuba diving before only because I always thought it was a sport that needs a lot of skill and equipment and can be quite dangerous.  Many things can go wrong that far under the water.  Never the less, I didn’t have anything to lose, and in the hands of professionals I signed up.
The scuba diving tour started at 3pm the following day and most of the boatload of 30 people where all new. After a quick run down on how to equalise your ears,  using the breathing mask, learning under water hand signals for ‘ok’, ‘take me up’ etc  we hoped off the boat kitted up and we were off.
I can’t say we went too far under the water, I think in the end it was only five meters or so. We saw a few fish, a sea urchin and a bit of seaweed but it was fun trying something new. Under the water it’s like a whole other world and truly beautiful. It’s an amazing feeling gliding in the water surrounded by schools of fish swimming next to you. We were submerged for about 25 minutes which I think for the first time was plenty. There are too many things to think about down there and to stay clam, breath deeply take a lot of concentration, it also gives you a whopping big head ache.  
We later rested on the boat, sun baking, snorkelling and talking. The staff were extremely and accommodating to those who were quite frightened in the water. After discussing with the scuba dive instructor on recommendations on what to do for my remaining days. I was told to visit Cala Conta and Cala Bassa beach. Both of which where really easy to get to on a ferry ride for 8 Euros return.
I spent a day in each place. Cala Bassa is the number one most popular beach in Ibiza. As you get off the boat you follow a wooden path around to the beach and out door bars. 
The view is amazing, the water is crystal clear and music plays over the beach as everyone lounges around, plays beach tennis and sun bakes. It was extremely exciting to actually see the fish swim around my legs, and to find something relaxing to do after the noisy environment of the port.
I followed up the next day at Cala Conta, which is ranked 2nd most popular beach. All I can say is WOW where the boat docks there are several other yacht’s hanging around with passengers sun baking on the rooftop. When I walked up the rocky steps to see the view, it took my breath away.
In the distance you can see a long stretch of beach, more islands in the distance, people riding on jet ski’s and speed boats. Trying to stay away from all the hustle and bustle I decided I’d spend my day on a rock near where the boat docked. The water was deep, I swam amongst the fish, it was quite and I didn’t have to worry about the sand.
After lunch feeling peckish and wanting to spoil myself, I ate at the restaurant over looking the ocean. Fresh vegetable dish with garlic dip sauce and toasted bread with freshly squeezed orange juice. It was so delicious and suited the occasion.
That night I went to see what all the fuss is about with the nightclubs. I bought a ticket to see Carl Cox one of my favourite Dj’s at a nightclub called Amnesia. The biggest most famous nightclubs are actually far away from the tourist hubs and housing. They are purpose built and a 30min bus trip into the centre of the island.
IMG_2519Amnesia was about half the size of a football stadium and multi level. Equip with dancers, several bars, VIP area, podiums and huge dancer floor space. Some of the most famous Dj’s from around the world hold gigs on specific nights of the week. Even on a weekday during peak season they are filled wall to wall with people dancing. The only thing I didn’t like is that the nightclub doesn’t open till mid night, and even at mid night it’s a ghost town. The early birds (mainly the tourists) turn up at 1am and the main set doesn’t start till 3am.
That was a little bit to hard core for me, so I took a nap and woke up at mid night to an alarm to go out. One night of sleep deprivation was enough to satisfy me, I wasn’t game enough to do it again!
All in all I had a pleasant time in Ibiza seeing more of the nature and partaking in the water activities. I enjoyed it but don’t think I’d do it again, as it was quite expensive for what it was and quite a amped up area. With people yelling and screaming in the hotel and on the streets at all hours of the morning. After speaking to a few other tourists a similar consensus was drawn. I have heard good reports of old Ibiza town, on the other side of the island. If your thinking about going to Ibiza it may be a better idea for those who like peace and quite
Unless you’re up for an island holiday equivalent to visiting Los Vegas this place isn’t for you.  In saying that I wish some one had told me that before I went. I visited Los Vegas four years prior and didn’t like it much either. When the sole thing to do in a place is drink, gamble, take drugs and smoke you’ve lost my interest. Ill leave Ibiza for the other rowdy tourists.

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