Doing cardio is just not enough


Majority of people think that just getting you butt down to the gym to walk on the treadmill is enough. Walking on the treadmill for 20minutes and watching TV is all you have to do. Sadly, I’m here to tell you it’s not. A big pat on the back, for making the effort and getting to the gym. Doing something is better than nothing for your health. But, if you want serious weight loss or toning you’re going to have to do more.

Weight loss is all about burning more energy than you consume. If you eat less and move more you lose weight. The unfortunate thing about low impact cardio like walking is that you really don’t burn that much energy. To give you an idea, researchers have accumulated several studies across the world and what they found is that for some one to lose 7kg in a year without changing their diet they would need to walk approximately 37km each week. That is a lot of walking! I take it you would rather lose 7kg in 2-3months, and not wait a year.

How to lose weight by exercising?

Trying to lose weight by exercising is all about training intensity. Intensity creates enough training stimulus make body systems adapt and change. Cardio training it pushes our body to change and high intensity exercise burns hundreds of calories!

High intensity exercise causes the body to produce more heat after exercising causing an after burn. It promotes muscle soreness ultimately causing muscle to regenerate bigger and stronger leading to a higher metabolism.

If intensity is the key, how do you ramp it up?

Many factors increase intensity, but my all time favourite is by adding resistance or power. Why? Because the adaptations to training are bigger! I get excited about this stuff because the benefits and changes to your body are extreme.

Let me put it this way; I can opt to walk for 60min and burn approximately 100-150kcal or I can run 6km for 30min burn 200-250kcal and add in whole body weight training program super setting 10reps x3sets two exercises per body part.  You will feel completely exhausted by the end, but high as a kite on an endorphin kick. You will burn a phenomenal amount of energy and build muscle at the same time. This type of regime that includes cardio such as running and weight lifting will tone up your entire body, help you lose weight faster and keep you fit. Walking on the other hand, will not change my body shape at all.

What if you don’t like weight training?

If you don’t like doing weights, then how about cardio training with a touch of resistance thrown in? Think boxing classes, when your punch hits the pad there is resistance placed on the arms that builds muscle tone. Swimming is another good one, the water acts as a constant resistance on both arms and legs. How about circuit training? High repetition weights done continuously which creates a cardio component but has constant resistance.

Start off walking but don’t fool yourself thinking that’s all you need to do if you want some serious results. Your body is smart, it will become so efficient at walking, it will be like you have done nothing at all. Get intense!


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