Debunking the Lemon Detox diet


In this episode, I talk to dietitian Katrina Mills were we debunk the Lemon Detox diet. Every time I hear someone going on other detox diet, a little part of my soul dies. All jokes aside, it annoys me to no end. This is because I know they are ineffective. They can increase weight gain long term and destroy self-confidence.

Fundamentally the theory about detoxing is scientifically so wrong, it’s laughable. We have a liver, which is the body’s natural detoxifier. No amount of sucking on lemons is going to help that. 

There is nothing magical about lemons. Except that they are sour and have next to no calories. Which means if you’re drinking lemon juice with water, you’re drinking calorie free liquid and not eating. This is a starvation plan. 

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Debunking the Lemon Detox diet

00:05:30- With Katrina Mills 

  • Although you may lose weight initially on these diets, you will most likely gain the weight back and more, which has a detrimental impact on self-esteem and motivation.
  • The theory of detoxing is wrong! Our liver detoxifies substances for us and no amount of sucking on lemons will detoxify your body. There’s nothing magical about lemons; they taste sour and have few calories so you’re pretty much drinking water and paying through the nose for it as well.
  • It’s basically a starvation plan because you’re not eating any food.
  • The lemon detox diet involves you drinking 8-9 glasses of a lemon juice drink per day. There is no solid food for 10-14 days. It is very low calorie (600 calories/day) with no protein, fat, fibre and minerals.
  • You will lose weight because you’re not eating!
  • The lemon detox diet is an old diet, however it was re-vamped recently to use a special natural tree syrup (and it costs more!).
  • The recipe to make the lemon mixture includes: 140mLs of the tree syrup, add 3 lemons, 2 pinches of cayan pepper and the rest is filled with water. The detox includes; 2 litres per day for 2 weeks with no food at all. No family dinners, no eating out, no snacks etc. It doesn’t taste nice either!
  • It’s a fasting diet and it’s dangerous because it’s starving the body and setting it up for failure. When the Lemon detox diet is over you will rebound dramatically in the opposite direction.
  • You are existing on pretty much nothing and you strip the body of nutrients which slows down your metabolism. Your body thinks it’s starving so slows itself down and when you start eating again the body stores the food in case it is starved again.
  • The lemon detox diet is nutritionally imbalanced, deficient in all nutrients, you need to take a supplement for the 2 weeks, it teaches you nothing about food, nutrition and eating and buys into the thinness ideal and can lead to body dysmorphia and body dissatisfaction. You’re pretty much just drinking expensive water. You will also find it impossible to exercise because you have no energy!
  • You will lose lean muscle mass (because you can’t exercise as much), you lose strength, tone and you lose weight; but it’s weight from water, carbohydrate stores and a decline in muscle mass.
  • When we eat healthy we naturally get to a body weight that is natural for us.

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