Charitable foodie Christmas gifts

 It is officially all hands on deck for the count down to Christmas. For the gift buys in the family you can press the panic button now! But wait before you do, I have done some super sleuthing on the internet for some wonderful foodie gift ideas. If you are stuck for gift ideas why don’t you try one of these charitable gifts?
For me I feel guilty over Christmas that am potentially contributing to mindless landfill, wasting resources not to mention my money on Christmas gifts people may or may not want. This year I have put a blanket ban across both families, no gifts! Because Christmas for me isn’t a time to rack up a credit card bill, it’s meant to be for spending time with family.
I know in some households this is a tough rule to lay down so as an alternative why not a charitable gift that helps you give back.
food hamper
We all know coffee isn’t the most nutritious choice, but on occasion when you really feel like it, it’s a welcomed treat. You can order this Oxfam hamper online and get it delivered to your door before Christmas.
How about buying a family a Chicken that will eventually lay eggs? Chicken and eggs help provide children and families with a lasting source of protein. I have donated to world vision via this donation portal in the past. You can actually get a card send with the donation pledge sent straight to the intended family member. It’s not a sick joke, make sure if the person you are donating on behalf of will appreciate this idea.
This is a favourite of mine last Christmas I ordered a box of good will wines with a percentage of the purchase price donated to the guide dogs association. It came with lovely labels of guide dog puppies on the front. Since our entire family loves dogs, it was a hit.  There are about 10 different charities you can pick from with their own unique labels so you can customise it to the persons interest.
 This is an easy one, who doesn’t like tea? This one is particularly good for Kris Kringle gift giving at work $15 isn’t going to break the bank and you can have an exotic tea delivered to your office door.
Now if your really into saving lives you can buy a box of therapeutic foods to be given to malnourished people. This Plumpy’Nut paste can bring a child back from severe malnutrition fast. It doesn’t need to be mixed with water, which is useful because clean water used for drinking is some time scarce.
There’s plenty more charitable gift ideas you can give only your imagination limits you. Have you got a favourite charitable gift?

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