Breaking The Rules


Well February has well and truly passed and I was doing my “no buying stuff and eating out” promise or pay as a Feb fast for the month. I did fail, but in failing I still think I did pretty well.


My intention was going to donate my promised money to the charity anyway even if I did complete it, so nothing lost and I am happy the money went to good use.

Promise or pay

I honestly go by the mantra “near enough is good enough” when it comes to things like this and diet. Life’s too short to be perfectionistic and dwell on things. So even though I technically ‘failed” I still gained a lot, which was the entire point of the exercise.


During the commercialism free Feb fast I saved quite a bit of money, which of course was the goal. I also realized how much over eating I was doing on the weekends going to cafe’s just for coffee which would end up with a bite to eat as well.


It’s hard when you have a partner that’s constantly hungry all the time (don’t we all know it!). It’s very easy to just sit and help them eat their meal whilst you sit sipping a coffee. The weekends are where listening to my fullness and hunger cues do get messed around a bit.


What we did realize as a couple is we did spend a lot of money doing this and what we really just wanted was the experience of sitting at a night place talking and reading the paper. So we swapped this to walking the dog more, and chatting and lounging around at the beach.


All healthier alternatives to constantly eating for me! I have also learnt to pack Mr Wesley food so he has a constant supply of fruit, sandwiches and nuts to stop the hangry episodes (hungry +angry).


I broke the pledge on the last week of Feb, when I went to my favorite markets in Roselle. It’s the best markets because you can get trendy second hand stuff for next to nothing price. Nothing more fun to me than rummaging through market stalls, finding a barging and a stellar outfit. I never pay full price for anything! – That’s another motto I live by, lets just say it’s a cultural thing. In total I spent an extra $20; $7 at the markets, and $13 for brunch. I know, I broke the bank! Haha


Hey, I can live with that loss, like I said close enough is good enough and the animals need that money more than me –  C’est la vie


P.s If you want to make a promise visit the website here.


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