30 Day Meditation Challenge


If you have read anything about self-improvement or mindfulness you would have come across the idea of meditation. Medication is of one of those things I have been doing on and off. I go great for a few days and then for some reason it falls by the way side, particularly now that the colder days that have chilled us to the core.

All my good intentions is kind of annoying me. I tell clients to meditate all the time: to reduce stress, anxiety, increase mindfulness etc, but I rarely do it myself. The scientific evidence is there, meditation can increase a greater sense of well being, creativity, and a person can show higher levels of compassion and awareness.
I think gaining more compassion in life is a great thing that I think in todays society is defiantly weaning. I can see it in myself that compassion is something I need to work harder at. To a certain degree I also think it may reduce my cynicism towards things, which is such a yucky trait. 
It’s nice though to be able to see things in a positive light, not to be naive but see the good, in the bad. Some people I know are really good at doing that. You know what I am talking about, those super happy people who are just always happy? The ones who see roses, when you see thorns? Yeah, they really annoy me, because they become a mirror that reflects back all my negative remarks. 
I decided for the next 30 days, starting as of yesterday, I will embark on a 30 day mediation challenge. That’s 30 days in a row of 5-15min worth of guided meditation. If you feel like you need more compassion or stress reducing and you want to do this self-inflicted challenge with me, I invite you to try.  You’ll probably need an audio track to get you started.  I use this audio MP3 on my phone by ElishaGoldstein who is a mindfulness psychotherapist. You can purchase of the website or download on iTunes, but there’s plenty of others out there.  If you have some good suggestions let me know?

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