2015 Fitness Predictions


In this episode, we sift through nutrition and fitness trends for this year. What are the hot trends you need to look out for and which ones should your run from? Find out what’s Hot or Not in 2015. Don’t forget to connect with us:  Jason & Katrina 

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Fitness predictions 2015

With Jason Jarred

  • 2014 predicted trends from 2013: High intensity interval training (20min period of sprints or on treadmill or on bike, really intense for approx. 8 seconds then lower intensity for 12 or 20 seconds, continually switching the intensity), body weight training, educated and experienced training professionals (people be more savvy to have educated and experienced trainers), strength training, exercise and weight loss, personal training, fitness programs for older adults, functional fitness, group personal training (motivating for people- make friends, safe environment for people who haven’t done a lot of exercise before. Should be upgraded to working alone or one on one training), yoga.
  • When you sweat a lot or lose body fluid, blood pressure decreases and cardiac output increases (heart rate increases).
  • 2015 predictions (by health professionals): pretty much the same as for 2014.
  • Jase would have predicted wearable fitness tracking devices such as Fitbits and online training; programs written on line and communicate via forums or they post workout videos.


With Gabrielle Maston

  • ultra-endurance fitness events and weekend warrior events such as Tough Mudder (not for everyone- it can be dangerous!), Colour Run, Zombie Run.
  • Exercise helps improve overall health and we should all do more of it!


Nutrition trends for 2015

With Katrina Mills

  • What’s old is new again: rise in ancient grains- quinoa, amaranth, spelt, freekeh.
  • Fermented foods: yoghurt, tempeh and sauerkraut. They have a beneficial impact on digestive health from good gut bacteria.
  • Matcha: dried leaves of green tea crushed into a powder. Left in the shade after it’s picked for 30 days to increase chlorophyll production- as much caffeine as a black tea.
  • Rise in superfood: beetroot juice. Contains nitrates which vasodilates arteries- more blood flow and oxygen to muscles so can run faster and perform better in sports.
  • Health food aisle and healthy snacks. Healthy food is natural food- found in fruit and vegetable section. Snack foods with a health halo- appear to be healthier but aren’t that much more healthier. People think they’re doing the right thing by buying ‘healthy snacks’ but forgetting the health food aisle is the fruit and veg aisle. Protein bars- almost has the same calories as a chocolate bar, highly processed protein and CHO, gums and thickeners. Not healthier than eating the chocolate you wanted in the first place!

With Gabrielle Maston

  • Low CHO foods: doesn’t mean its calorie free or healthier for you. Better off to have what you really want than a pseudo version. Think its healthier so eat more which equals more calories than you would have had in the first place.
  • More fructose free products: Fad dieters trying to lose weight by cutting out sugar or people who have IBS and want to reduce their symptoms. Will be beneficial for people who suffer IBS.
    -Plant-based diets: more people becoming vegetarian or vegan. A lot of research coming out: for longevity, for sustainability and cost.
  • Maple-water: originated in the states. Maple water sap from maple tree- packed full of vitamins and minerals. Fad food. No more nutrients than normal food. Just another type of flavoured water but it’s not a superfood.
  • Insect eating: Arose from Paleo era. Insect-based dishes.





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